Skills trainings on the business/entrepreneurship skills.
From the analysis situation made by RNUD in several Districts of Kigali this year, and Nyanza youth found that Most deaf youth are neither university graduates nor primary but either just locked up in homes or some of them are graduates or schools drop-outs but living in an object poverty, RNUD started an exercise of mobilizing Deaf/HOH youth and attended trainings in the nearest centers where other Deaf/Hard of hearing people to carry out gain some basic business skills to be able to uplift their live to another level













Deaf youth cooperative in Nyanza district during IGA training.














Kigali Youth team carrying out assignment during the designing session .

15 Deaf/HOH youth benefited directly from these entrepreneurship skills after 6 days of trainings and all of them were enrolled into this centers/cooperative to work together with others directly. It came in awake of the training that was conducted which raised their motivation and commitment working in groups.


Start-ups, Provided to Deaf/HOH youth with business as material support upon completion of trainings on entrepreneur skills to enable them expand ongoing small Income Generating Activities.













ERIC is now an independent entrepreneur operating in kagarama-kicukiro

Uwezimana Eric in is amongst the beneficiaries of the startup given to youth in Kigali on other side is S. 6 an electric engineer graduate, graduated with the hopefulness of chasing his further studies in the higher institution of learning just like any other learner in this country. regrettably it wasn’t what he wished due to fact that his family was unable to educate him at the university, Eric opted to hunt for a job in city Kigali in Electricity corporation named EWSA and its outlets in outskirts of Kigali, but struggles to make ends