Program goal: To strengthen the ability of Deaf Persons, to make a viable living through increasing opportunities and wealth creation. With specific focus on skills for employability and entrepreneurship, microcredit as well as agribusiness. 

Program Objectives:

  1. Better enabling environment for Deaf community, especially women earn a viable living within within social entrepreneurship innovations. 
  2. To attain income security for Deaf people, men/women and youth by enhancing their livelihood skills and access to markets, thereby ensuring profitable and sustainable income generating activities. 
  3. Creating opportunities for young people to nurture entrepreneurial ability.
  4. working with education and vocational training centres to make Deaf graduates more employable. 
  5. Engaging small businesses and major private sector firms to create jobs for Deaf youth. 
  6. Addressing stereotypes and traditional thinking that harms Deaf Youth chances.