Program goal: to promote the inclusion of Deaf in formal and non-formal education in order to enhance their access to employment and participation in civic and economic processes. 

Program Objectives:


  1. Make provisions for inclusive education for pre-school Deaf children. 
  2. Training of suitable candidates to become teachers of Rwandan Sign Language and Literacy programs. The training of Rwandan Sign Language Interpreters and the setting up of an interpreter service centre in Rwanda. 
  3. To develop Rwandan Sign Language. Utilising knowledge of the native Rwandan Sign Language and use distinctive grammar. 
  4. Produce a number of Rwandan Sign Language books and dictionary. 
  5. Provide practical skills training and education for Young Deaf Girls. 
  6. Provide Training opportunities for parents of Deaf children, especially in respect of learning skills in Rwandan Sign Language for better communication with their offspring.



Rwandan Sign Language is the natural language of Deaf people in Rwanda. With more than 200 different sign languages used worldwide, are the native languages of more than 70 millions Deaf People worldwide. 

Deaf people have full Rights, with the same language as spoken languages. via Rwandan Sign Language, Deaf Rwandans share a common Culture and Identity in their communities. 

Highlight the wealth of Rwandan Sign Langauge and their status equal to spoken languages. Promoting Rwandan Sign Language and Culture of Deaf People strengthens multilingualism and ensure the Rights Rwandan Sign Language streches to all Deaf Rwandans.