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RNUD is committed to work for the cause of the Deaf in Rwanda. We are carrying out all our activities through the help
and support of well-wishers and Donors who generously give us contributions to help sustain this work.

We wish to thank each of our Donors from the bottom of our hearts. It is thanks to your faith in us and our activities
that we are able to reach out and change  lives of so many Deaf persons for good. Thank you for believing in us
and for your helping hand.
Donations can be sent to us for various activities of RNUD specifically or generally for the work of RNUD. No matter what the size of your donation is, it will go a long way in
taking our work further. We thank you for your generosity.
Here are a few areas of RNUD’s work that you could consider donating to directly.

– Towards organizing Training Workshops and Seminars
– Towards conducting Rwanda Sign Language (RSL) Courses
– To the services of Interpreters

– Towards organizing Adventure Camps, Theatre & Mime programmes
– Towards Rural Development Programme
– Towards the Women’s Programme
– Towards Empowering Deaf in self employment
– Or Towards contributing to the costs of starting a new office at a new location.
– You could also consider giving a one-time donation or contributing on a monthly/quarterly or yearly basis.
If you would like to give your contribution or offline donation to RNUD, please send your Cheque to the following address:


Our Bank Details are as follows:
Name of the Bank:
Name of the Branch :
Account No:

All donations to RNUD are  Tax Deductible
Please remember to write your full name and address so that we can send you a receipt for the same. If you have
any queries concerning us, please call us at +


Tel No : +