Frequently Asked Questions about Deafness in Rwanda

Q. How many deaf people are there in Rwanda?
A. there are approximately 25,000 deaf people
Q. What causes deafness?
A. There are many causes of deafness. Various diseases (high fever, mumps, Meningitis…) and accidents can cause deafness. Very few are deaf since date of birth.
Q. Is sign language universal?
A. No. Each country has its own sign language, just like spoken languages. In Rwanda, deaf people use Rwanda Sign Language (RSL).
Q. What is the difference between deaf and hard of hearing people?
A. Deaf people cannot hear at all. If they hear some, they cannot understand speech. Hard of hearing people, with or without hearing aids, can hear and understand some speech.
Q. How can I help deaf people?

A. They don’t need help; they need understanding. As a first step toward understanding deaf people you should learn to communicate with them.

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