Our strategic objectives are:-


  1. To impart Sign Language skills and knowledge to targeted trainees in line with the needs and concerns of the Deaf
  2. To advocate with government, district, community and religious leaders, school administration and parents to support developmental programmes for the Deaf
  3. To support income generating activities among Deaf people in order to contribute towards the eradication of poverty and contribute towards the realization of the millennium development goal (MDG) 1
  4. To raise the standard of living of Deaf people and initiate, support and sustain projects which are economically viable, environmentally friendly and socially acceptable
  5. To improve the health status of Deaf people through improving the provision of Reproductive Health information and services


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RNUD (Rwanda)
P.O. Box 5810 Kigali, Rwanda
Plot KK 193 st, Kabeza – Kanombe Road
Close to Kabeza Market

Tel: (+250) 789139470/ (+250)788433444
Email: infornud2010@gmail.com

Rwandan NGO Registration Number: 69/05

Rwanda National Union of the Deaf (RNUD)