Study tour visit to different organizations in Uganda

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Study tour visit to different organizations in Uganda

In order to inform this process and to learn of good practice in other areas related to enhancing the capacity RNUD to better serve its members, VSO  sponsored a study visit for key RNUD staff and board members to Uganda from Monday 16th June to Thursday 19th June 2014.

During our study, we had visited  different organizations include: UNAD, Sense International,  UDEWO, NUDIPU, Mango Tree, Naguru Teenage Information and Health Centre, Sign Health, FAWE Uganda  romote the rights of Deaf people and in particular to learn from the different projects/programmes, RNUD Board and Staff took one week and traveled to the different organizations in Uganda to explore the similar and different experiences of each organization.

objectives of the study tour were:

a)      To learn from the experience of each organization in Uganda how they establish/initiate and manage various programs for Deaf people including women, children and youth, research studies conducted, teaching and communication aid materials, sharing of challenges, success stories and receive advice to inform learning of RNUD staff and board members.

b)      To contribute to delegates’ understanding of the debate relating to inclusive education and special needs education provision for Deaf children.

c)       To promote networking, regional cooperation and collaboration in programs that benefit Deaf people.

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