Rwanda`s IDAW 2016, 7th commemoration

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In Rwanda RNUD this year, in partnership with Kicukiro district, VSO, Media For Deaf (M4D), NCPD, NUDOR, Disability rights funds (DRF) Human rights first Rwanda association , USAID, GIZ-Rwanda Ministry of Gender and family promotion (MIGEPROF), MyRight,  Deaf schools, Sector officials , National Police , joined the Deaf community in commemoration of  the International Deaf Awareness Week 2016 on 19th  – 23rd  September under the theme, “With sign language Deaf Our children can ” in kigali city center  Kicukiro District

Year 2016 of IDAW commemoration was an amazing one, which was characterized by a week of numerous activities in different days including the following , 1.  Inspire me program on Rwanda National television (RTV) attended by  Deaf children from Gatagara and Non deaf children from Gashora girls schools  facilitated by RNUD chairman and RBC  deputy chief as guest role model to young ones , 2.  Interacted in RSL with the support of the interpreters , an interactive show on the role of sign language in families of Deaf parents and hearing children in facilitating the communication and supporting their parenting roles (child of Deaf adult -CODA) presented on Royal TV , 3. Deaf of parents workshop held in RNUD with an intention of facilitating the understanding of parents on the necessity of supporting their children in cognition development through enforcement of the use of sign language in the family hence to develop the ability of the child under the theme of the year. 4. Finally the flamboyant final ceremony ever , which characterized by peaceful march from Sonatubes through the Kicukiro center  trading center to the district final ceremony venue , beautiful dances from Nyamirambo Deaf school , Nyabihu demonstrations performance of UMWANA NUMUTWARE”  and speeches from the Guest, and the Guest of honor was the Honorable Minister of gender and Family promotion.

In conclusion RNUD would like  in special way to appreciate our  Donor DRF/DRAF without your financial support this would not have happen , nevertheless NUDOR, MEDIA for Deaf , RTV,ROYAL TV, Printing company for all your unequaled support both financial and technical for the entire activity, together we can change the community and realize the needs of the Deaf people



Below are the memories of the IDAW 2016, Enjoy !




















Parent for the deaf From Rurindo District shared her experience in nurturing and supporting  of the learning of sign language of her Daughter during the sensitization workshops for the parents of the Deaf children under the theme



















Group photo for parents of  Deaf children held at RNUD after the workshop.


3-image 4-image











On set of the March at the Sonatubes Round about  in Kicukiro district


















Rwandan National Traffic police in full swing providing security during the march on the road


















Guests at the exhibition of work the some of the Deaf women cooperatives.
















Incredible  performance from the Nyabihu Demostration center students –song -Child is the Hero by CODA
































Guests speekers from Right , GIZ representative Mr.Nkoboka Ezekiel , NCPD-Mrs.Sylvia , MIGEPROF Guest of HONOR and MR.Augustin Munyangeyo RNUD chairperson.


















Sarah Challoner VSO social governance and disability advisor emphases on the use and the need of RSL for the Deaf children

















Guest of Honor MR.YVON delivering her speech represented the MINGEPROF which Kicukiro district Rep looks on.

















Kicukiro VICE Mayor Representative from Deriver her speech too.


















GIZ representative Mr.Nkoboka Ezekiel delivered his speech as commitments in support of the Deaf community alongside other partners.


















Deaf students from Nyamirambo School perform a Rwandan culture dance (INTORE)




Compiled by MUTEMA Gerald D

National Deaf awareness week organizing committee chairman



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