Rwanda National Union of the Deaf (RNUD), in cooperation with the Danish Deaf Association (DDL) is advertising for applicants to participate in a course at Frontrunners in Denmark during the period from September 2018 till May 2019.

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Rwanda National Union of the Deaf (RNUD), in cooperation with the Danish Deaf Association (DDL) is advertising for applicants to participate in a course at Frontrunners in Denmark during the period from September 2018 till May 2019.

About Frontrunners

Frontrunners has trained over 110 Frontrunners during the past 10 years. The previous Frontrunners students have described the training with words like ’reflective’, ’boosting’, ’beneficial’, ’building elements for Deaf identity’ and ’constant learning’.

Joining this education programme at Frontrunners is a beginning for a life-long journey for the participants as a Deaf person and a catalyst for a desired change. During the course, you will explore the core of Deaf identity in the international context – learning, that there are different ways of being a Deaf and you will find your own way to be.

Besides personal development you will also improve your competences, tools and find your own way to make an impact.

As a student at Frontrunners, you will develop your knowledge about sign language(s), Deaf history, Deaf culture and human rights including lingual and cultural rights. Within the sign language community, you will get a deeper insight on the meaning of ’DEAF-SAME’ as you have become more aware of influence of your own language and culture background.

You will learn to recognize pressing problems in the Deaf society, determine and describe the problems in an understandable way. You will also invent new approaches in grass root and organizational levels when creating new opportunities for Deaf people as a part of the local and global human diversity.


“The ambition of the Frontrunners, A Deaf International education programme, is to take effort of that each individual has potentiality of paving the way towards human rights for the Deaf people in their home and worldwide. Frontrunners will also illustrate the importance of UN (United Nations), World Federation of the Deaf (WFD, the deaf equivalent to UN) and convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). It is important for us that the participants on Frontrunners – in time – will be able to act as catalysts for a social change, because we believe in humanity and equality that belong everyone.”


The following topics will be covered during the course:

  • Deaf studies and sign language(s)
  • Leadership and project management
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Communication
  • Usage and power of media and social media


The course modules

The Frontrunners Programme consists of 3 modules with different content and goals:












The 1st module consists of training in Deaf Studies, Deaf History and Deaf Culture along with in depth training of skills in the fields of project management, communication, leadership and the use of media.

The 2nd module of the Frontrunners course in 2018/19 will take place in the participants’ countries, where they can apply the acquired knowledge in the real world. They will be tasked with some training activities during the 2nd module, the exact content will be agreed upon between the participants, Frontrunners teachers, and DDL. This is another advantage of the Frontrunners course, you learn how to apply your knowledge to your context and will have an opportunity to discuss and get feedback on the lessons learnt when you return to Denmark for the 3rd module.

The 3rd module will provide knowledge about Linguistics, Sign Linguistics and Bilingualism along with training in Social Entrepreneurship, Deaf Art, Sign language literature and Leadership plus media training.

What does it take to become a participant in Frontrunners?

RNUD /DDL is looking for 2 participants for the coming course/programme at Frontrunners. It is expected that the two participants will contribute significantly to the development of RNUD and the Rwandan deaf community upon their return to Rwanda after the course.

The participants will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Registered and paid up member of RNUD
  • Engagement and participation in RNUD activities at the district, regional and national levels.
  • A post-secondary education certificate would be the minimum qualification required.
  • Age limit would be not above 32 yrs.
  • A bond to serve RNUD for a period of at least 2 years after completion of Course, both in voluntary and paid positions
  • Basic knowledge of deaf issues and organizational work
  • Fluent in Rwandan Sign Language. Knowledge of other sign language(s) is an advantage
  • Through their work must have proven commitment to RNUD/ the deaf cause


How to apply?

To apply for a position in the coming course at Frontrunners you must send an application letter / signed video application to RNUD no later than 10th March 2018.

You also must be able to attend the selection process including interview sessions with representatives from RNUD and DDL which will be carried out during the week between 15-22 March 2018. More precise date and time will be announced at RNUD’s website and social media channels.

If selected for participation in the course/programme, all costs will be covered by funds through DDL/DPOD (final approval of funding still pending).


Send application to:

Rwanda National Union for the Deaf (RNUD)
Adresss: P.O Box 5810, Kigali, Rwanda


You can read more about Frontrunners at their website here:



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