RSLD Project field visit to Rusizi and Nyamasheke

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RSLD Project field visit to Rusizi and Nyamasheke



From 30th May to 09th June 2017, RSLD observation visits focused on Rusizi and Nyamasheke, The team was leaded by the NCPD friendly communication officer, RSLD two research assistants, the sign language interpreter and the sign language instructor.

Objective of the field visit to Rusizi and Nyamasheke:

 In line with our objectives and strategy of the NCPD/VSO/RNUD RSLD project, Therefore the main objective of the observation visit was to observe and interact closely with Deaf community members to have common understanding of each other and also establish an insider’s identity and the level of Sign Language skills among the Deaf community with regard to their level of fluency and knowledge about Rwanda sign language (RSL).













RSLD Project team and deaf were in the office of RUSIZI Mayor discussing on RSLD project goals.












RSLD Project team were in Groupe scolaire St Bonaventure Nkaka for discussing with white woman on RSLD project goals.













Researcher was interacting with Deaf people during observation at Muganza Sector












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