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It was a joy to host the board of trustee from united kingdom and the ambassador from the British Embassy to Rwanda , the country director VSO-Rwanda and senor Program officer , whom we enjoyed during the interaction at RNUD office as they learnt more about the situation of the deaf community , history of RNUD and VSO partnership, Deaf culture and achievements of the deaf community .


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Rwanda sign language Research assistants explain the use of technology capturing the signs and names in the work of analyzing the data collected from across the country, that will help to compile the second edition dictionary .











During the learning of the signing simple greetings in sign language/RSL .


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VSO visitor also enjoyed interacting with the Deaf women cooperative member where different gifts where donated as assign of appreciation for the continued support from VSO and showing love by visiting and buying products that are made by themselves



RNUD deaf women representatives, RNUD staff, VSO staff and BOAD of Trustee from UK taken after the meeting at the RNUD office.

We hope to see you again and continue to work withus.


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