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Deaf women reproductive health and HIV/AIDS training

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In the months of March 2015 RNUD trained 60 Deaf women in Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS. These women were drawn from Kigali, Muhanga and Musanze districts. This training was made possible with grant support from VSO. these women received information on: Cancer, Menopause, Menstruation period , pregnancy, Facts about HIV/AIDS, Prevention Mother to child PMTC, Nutrition, Stress management, How to live positively when one is infected HIV positive; we need to reach out to more deaf women in Rwanda and we will appreciate your kind support.



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In Photo, Deaf participants receiving training on HIV/AIDS from an expert from UPHLS and the training was held at Bellago Hotel-Kigali.


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Group photo of the Deaf women from Kigali participated the trainings


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Participants asking questions related to the reproductive health and how to protect themselves against HIV/AIDS.


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Sport session was one tool to help participants understand how they can live long time with HIV/Aids


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Group photo of Deaf women from MUHANGA after the training


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Group of Deaf women from Musanze participated in the training


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