The Executive Secretariat is the Executive Staff team which works under the direct supervision of the Governing Board (Board of Directors).









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Mr. Samuel MUNANA (Deaf) is the Executive Director of Rwanda National Union of the Deaf. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Art and Industrial Design from Kyambogo University – Kampala Uganda, a Certificate in Information Technology from the Management Training and Advisory Centre (MTAC), Nakawa, Kampala and a postgraduate short course for Deaf Children in International Development (DCID) from the International institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Hague – The Netherlands.

Mr. Samuel during his life at Kyambogo University has served as the Minister of Disability affairs and Deputy Finance Minister in the Banyarwanda Kyambogo University students’ community (BAKUSCO) and the committee member in the ministry of disability affairs, Kyambogo University students’ guild 2012/2013 and attended a number of conferences on Deaf Education in East African Community.

He volunteered with the Uganda National Association of the Deaf (UNAD) which led to the formation of Rakai District Association of the Deaf (RADAD) now a branch of UNAD and served as a chairperson for a period of three (3) years (2010-2013). He has also regularly hired by the department of Special Needs Studies, Hearing Impairment Section, Kyambogo University in various related work on disability issues. He has also volunteered as a community Educator to the Deaf Youth with the Deaf Link Uganda.

Through these opportunities have given Samuel skills in management, advocacy, Deaf education, Deafness and Deaf culture, Deaf children in development and built his career in community based rehabilitation, Disability and development, planning, resource mobilization and training.

After completing his studies, he went back home, Rwanda to serve the Deaf community and has been appointed to this position he currently hold since August, 2013.

His main aim is to be the Role Model and advocates for the human rights of the Deaf Rwandans so as to enable them to attain their education to higher level.



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Gerald joined RNUD from a background of, Deafness and dedicated in serving and bring change in the Rwandan Deaf community. Certified Sign language Interpreter (DSLI) Kyambogo University -Kampala Uganda , At present pursuing B.A. social work at Mount Kenya University-MKU-Kigali. Gerald has serviced both the Rwandan Deaf community and Ugandan in all aspects of life inspired by the affection and kind-heartedness to Brothers and sisters of the Deaf community.

Usually at RNUD MUTEMA provides the interpretation services in the internal conferences, meetings workshops in all settings. Moreover coordinates most of the programs at RNUD and projects.




BINAMA Theophile

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E-mail : binamath7@yahoo.co.uk

Theophile is the Sign Language Coordinator of RNUD, in his daily activities, he is responsible for the coordination of Sign Language programs including organizing and conducting Sign Language training courses for the Deaf, families with the deaf person, Sign Language interpreters, Sign Language instructors and interested members of the business community, public and private Organizations

BINAMA Theophile come to RNUD as volunteer in coordination in  sign language activities after an intensive training in Sign language where he was awarded a certificate in sign language training, he is Hard of hearing ,BINAMA  is currently a student at Kigali Independent University (ULK) offering BA in Development study , because of his rich experience he was recruited as a staff in charge of Sign language training at  RNUD.



ruth ngwekwe


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E-mail : ngwekwer@yahoo.fr

NGWEKWE is the accountant for Rwanda National Union of the Deaf (RNUD). She holds a Bachelor Degree in school of Business and Management obtained from Kampala International University, (KIU) in Uganda. She joined RNUD in February,2012 as volunteer in position of accounting, up to August 2013, As time goes on RNUD gained trust in her and she is now a staff on position of accountancy . She is very motivated to work with Deaf community due to she is familiar with Deaf culture since she is born in Deaf family .




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E-mail : nshemcon2@yahoo.fr

Emmanuel holds Diploma in Computer and Management from Gatagara High School -Rwanda and certificate in Rwandan Sign Language from Rwanda National Union of the Deaf and currently pursuing his BA in social work and administration at Kigali Independent University (ULK).
Emmanuel is employed by RNUD working as a Rwanda Sign Language Research assistant, with good experience in analyzing the Sign Language signs/ collection and research in sign language. Having worked on first Edition of the Rwandan sign language and Sign language Curriculum development, way back in 2010 till 2012 worked in RNUD as an accountant. Beside Emmanuel has worked as managing Director for Information hand book, banners, T-shirts, brochures and other stationary materials printing company, printed for RNUD Sign language training materials in 2013/2014, so with this reach experience Emmanuel serving his area of expertise, also Emmanuel serves Deaf/hard of hearing and other youth with disabilities outside his work in different capacity as vice chairperson for Uwezo youth empowerment Rwanda.




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E-mail : nyirajoyce20@hotmail.com


Joyce is an I.T support volunteer of RNUD from 10th September 2014. but now She is employed by RNUD working as a Rwanda Sign Language Research assistant from April to June 2017 . Joyce is deaf person since she was born; Currently she is pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree program at Adventist University of Central Africa (AUCA) in the Faculty of Information Technology, Department of Information Management.

Under supervision from RNUD IT Supervisor, She provides  IT related daily work to the organization including RNUD new membership Database, coordinating and updating daily activities on RNUD website. Joyce is interested to work with Deaf community.





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E-mail : nerickus2009@yahoo.fr

Eric is the IT Supervisor from 1st August 2014, before he was an IT Support volunteer from October 2013 later Malmo project officer, Eric is a Deaf person since he was 8 years, He holds Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering and Information Technology from University of Rwanda – College of Science and Technology (COSTECH-RWANDA), Formerly Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST-RWANDA), He managed Malmo project  entitled “Mobilization of Deaf people in Rwanda” from 2014 to 2015.Now he provides, supervises and control all of the IT related daily work to the organization. now He is IT-Webmaster of NUDOR.

When Eric was in his lessons, he has worked as part-time staff in KIST Computer Laboratories he was supporting to KIST students with an appropriate hardware and software installation , We know that Technologies play a big important role in changing the world, therefore RNUD also must change according to the need of Rwanda Deaf people, this gives an opportunity for Eric to join RNUD as IT Support Volunteer to bring new change in Rwanda Deaf Community and learning Sign Language because most of his education was in mainstream hearing school.



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